This is one of the Pole Dance directions based on the development of plastics, sexuality and self-confidence. IMPORTANT: Girls aged 18 years and over are allowed to attend the classes.


In the classes, you will learn the basics of EXOTIC POLE DANCE techniques, basics twists and tricks on the pole, develop a graceful and seductive walk, and get athletic posture.


Trainings are conducted in accordance with the special program developed by the coaches of FEEL GOOD: pole dance & workout studio.


Dress code for classes:

- shorts / leggings

- top / t-shirt

- dance shoes (strips)

- knee pads

In addition to the classes "EXOTIC Pole Dance" we recommend to attend:

- MEGA - STRETCHING (special stretching program)

- Body FLEX (special fitness program for body correction)

- LADY DANCE (modern dance direction)