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Born and raised in Rezekne. At the age of 16 he started a dance career in the dance studio "Dynamic Hit Dance Studio" (teacher Diāna Garanča). In 2009, he moved to Riga and joined the LKК (Latvian College of Culture) study program “Dance Ensemble Leader with a Orientation in Contemporary Dance”, where he learned contemporary and classical dance, jazz, hip-hop and folk dances. During her studies, she was a member of Ilze Zīriņa's dance company "ZI" and worked on the performance "When They Are Other". After graduating from LKK, he continued to learn dance in the study program “Contemporary Dance Choreography” at the Latvian Academy of Culture (Latvian Academy of Culture). During the one year spent at the Latvian Academy of Sciences, he acquired and deepened his knowledge of composition, choreography and the following dance styles: contemporary dance, classical dance, classical modern dance. Olga Žitluhina, Ilze Zīriņa, Ramona Galkina, Gunta Bāliņa - choreographers and teachers who laid the foundations for her professional dance experience.

During her studies, she participated in the dance performance “Golden Animals” created by Ilze Zīriņa.

In 2013, Alona got acquainted with a new and interesting choreographer Līga Liberti-Lasmanis. For a while he was a member of the League-led "Līga Liberte Dance Theater" and performed the show "Don't Believe in Everything You See". The league's inspiring view of the world and the sharing of knowledge and experience only confirmed that Alona wanted to work in the dance field.

In 2014, Alona was a show dancer in the Swedish circus "Cirkus Scott". After working in circus shows, Alona decided to try Pole Dance. She started her first steps in Pole Dance directly in the studio "FEEL GOOD: poledance & workout". After the first workouts, it was clear that the "hook in the lip". Thanks to the dance experience, rapid progress was made, which led to the offer to become one of the trainers of the studio "FEEL GOOD: poledance & workout" with a specialization in the direction of "Pole Dance Choreography".

In 2015, Alona received a Pole Dance (PRO-level) coach certificate.

In October 2016, the first place was won by the Baltic festival “Pole Emotion 2016”, in the category “Exotic-emotion: semi-pro”.

In March 2017, he won first place in the Exotic Generation-2017 competition in Moscow in the Exotic Flow category.

In March 2017, he won first place in the Exotic Generation-2017, Italy competition in Milan in the Exotic Flow category.

In October 2017, GRAND PRIX Baltic festival “Pole Emotion 2017” won in the category “Show-emotion (exotic): professional”.

In addition, Alona also teaches Pole Dance Exotic classes and continues to develop in dance outside of work in the studio. Alona has supplemented her knowledge with the following master classes:

  • Aerial Silks: Konstantin Kosovec (LITHUANIA)

  • Pole Dance Exotic: Daria Chebotova (RUSSIA)

  • Pole Dance Flexibility / Power: Julia Bozina (RUSSIA)

  • Pole Dance Tricks / Spins: Vladimir Karachunov (RUSSIA)

  • Pole Dance Exotic (Flow & Trick): Nina Kozub (RUSSIA)

  • Pole Dance Advance: Marina Kostrova (RUSSIA)

  • Pole Dance Tricks / Stretching: Pink Puma: Polina Volchek (RUSSIA / USA)

  • Pole Dance Exotic (Begginer / Semi-pro): Olga Koda (RUSSIA)

  • Pole Dance Choreo-lesson with Slava Ruza (SWEDEN)

  • VERTICAL DANCE: Marina Bogomolova (Kira Noire) (RUSSIA)

  • Pole Dance - CHOREOGRAPHY: Evgeny Greshilov (RUSSIA)

  • Pole Dance - DROPS, SLIDES & ACROBATICS: Evgeny Greshilov (RUSSIA)

  • Pole Dance - Intermediate / Advanced levels: Galina Musina (RUSSIA)

  • Pole Dance - Tricks and transitions: Kristina Dumanskaya (RUSSIA)

  • Pole Dance - COMBO & SPIN FUN: Yvonne Makeup (Netherlands)

  • Pole Dance - TANGO WITH POLE: Mitja Staev (RUSSIA)

  • Pole Flow - Anastasia Skukhtorova (RUSSIA)

  • Power Pole - Anastasia Skukhtorova (RUSSIA)

  • Lessons professional level lessons Pole Dance studio KAT'S (Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA)